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7 Of The Best Cycling Gadgets

It’s estimated that there are over 2 million people in Britain who cycle almost everyday and a further 5.5 million who get on the bike at least once a week. Whether you cycle for business, pleasure or for exercise purposes, there are hundreds of gadgets that you can get for your bike to help make your ride even better.

We’ve been through some of these gadgets to find the very best available from both UK and American companies. See our list below, and if we’ve missed your favourite then be sure to let us know!

Lumos Bike Helmet

Aside from making you visible at all times, the Lumos helmet will also signal to other road users which way you are planning to turn. A simple button is mounted to your handlebars which when pressed, makes the helmet flash the way you are going to turn – much like an indicator in a car!



Cycled somewhere and realised that you don’t have a place to store your helmet? That’s no longer a problem; with Locksit you can simply lock the helmet to your bike when you’re not riding. And if that’s not good enough, it also doubles up as a light.


Garmin Varia Vision

Get all your ride info directly into your line of sight with the Garmin Varia Vision. This gadget handily attaches to your glasses and can display everything you need to know whilst out and about, keeping you informed and safe while you’re out on the road.



Possibly more for mountain bikers than road users, the Xensr is a handy little gadget that tracks every aspect of your performance, allowing you to analyse your session and improve your performance.



If you find yourself getting lost when out on your bike then the hammerhead attachment is perfect – it connects to your smartphone and apps like Strava and MapMyRide to give you turn by turn navigation. Simply attach it to your handlebars and you’ll find you never get lost again!


BioLogic PostPump 2.0 Seatpost

A small and compact way to keep a pump with you at all times, the PostPump is hidden away under the saddle of your bike. Easy to use and lightweight, this gadget is definitely one of our favourites.


Hornit dB140

If you find you’re not being seen whilst cycling, how about giving an audio signal as well? The Hornit claims to be the loudest bike horn and will alert vehicles and pedestrians that you are there.


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