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A juniors triathlon.

Cycle SOS Sponsor the City of Lancaster Triathlon (COLT) Juniors

The City of Lancaster Triathlon club allows young people, between the age of 8 and 18, to engage in multi-sports such as triathlon and modern pentathlon.

Control, observation and anticipation skills are fundamental skills not only in a triathlon environment but also while cycling on the roads. In supporting the COLT Juniors through sponsorship, Cycle SOS are promoting the need for cyclists to receive this skills training at a young age. This means that participant members of the COLT Juniors are more likely to be safer on the roads, initially as cyclists and subsequently as drivers.

As part of the sponsorship, Cycle SOS are delighted to be able to subsidise the cost of the Triathlon suits worn by the COLT juniors, making participation in organised events accessible to all members and helping to raise the profile of the club.

“Sincere thanks go to our club sponsor, Cycle SOS. With their generous sponsorship this year, we have been able to give a COLT t-shirt to every new member as they join”.

– Alice Earnshaw, Head of COLT Juniors

“We have also been able to acquire very high-quality tri-suits, which are worth over £75, and pass them on to COLT Junior members for just £25. Having affordable kit is important to us because we want to continue to grow as a fully-inclusive club, welcoming members from all backgrounds. Almost all our members have a COLT tri-suit now. This has made a significant difference to the Juniors’ identity as club members as they really see themselves as The Mighty COLTs, and it has also had a significant impact on recruitment of new members. Some members will tell you that they joined COLT because they saw children walking around in COLT t-shirts and wanted to know what the club was all about.”

The partnership with the club is also helping Cycle SOS to maintain and improve the quality of the service which it provides to those who call the helpline following a collision. COLT coaches and committee members have been kind enough to join Cycle SOS at their head office in Lancashire, to provide technical cycle knowledge and medical understanding to the Cycle SOS helpline team, meaning that they can build on their own knowledge and better understand cyclists needs to assist callers with some of the more obscure consequences of a cycle accident that could be pertinent to maximising a cyclists’ claim.

The COLT Juniors have had an extremely successful year. The club came out on top at the British Triathlon Northwest Junior Series Awards Evening held on the 21st January, being named overall club champions for 2016. The girls also led the northwest, being awarded girls champions 2016. During 2016 seven members competed for Great Britain internationally. They have had a number of members compete in European Championships, and one of their members is the 2016 national triathlon champion for the 11-12 year old age group.

In addition to the competitive section of the club, COLT welcome members from all abilities and backgrounds. Regardless of ability, the emphasis for the club is enjoyment, participation and education. The club grew by 50{9b4a2c8832b2482ca7eb937f6bfa363e1f3f7cb05e1b42927da41c9eadde8c32} in 2016 and as a result five additional British Triathlon coaches have been trained. COLT very much look forward to the 2017 season.

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