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A cyclist getting a drink.

Good Deeds & The Cycling Community

Cycling is rich in community and you can always rely on a fellow cyclist to help you out in an emergency. We took to Twitter to ask our cycling friends for their best story of a #GoodCyclingDeed.


We are always looking for ways to support our fellow cyclists… our national helpline has over 20 years of experience in helping cyclists when they are victims of cycling collisions. We sometimes hear stories of how other road users – often cyclists – have offered assistance on the spot and we know it can make a real difference to how people feel and respond in the immediate aftermath of a collision. In our opinion, cyclists are pretty special people – never too busy or in too much of a rush to help out another rider – and this collection of inspiring stories proves it!


Cycling can be an intimidating sport when you first start out, especially if you are not confident fixing your own bike or riding in traffic, but you can always rely on other more experienced riders to help you out if they see you are in trouble.


Simon Warren – Author of the 100 Climbs Series@100climbs

Mended many chains in London but will never forgive myself for not stopping during the LBL sportive to help a guy with a busted chain. Would have cost me a minute… He may still be out there 4 years later!



In the middle of the Yorkshire Dales I came across someone with a torn tyre. I always carry a cut up piece of an old tyre to put inside and get you home, so got him back on the road.


Matt Becker‏ – @MattBecker82 

A year or 2 ago, I suffered a rear mech+hanger fail and didn’t know what to do. Passer by helped and did a makeshift conversion to single-speed, which was a godsend. A few months ago, I did the exact same for someone else, and was glad to pay the favour forward. #GoodCyclingDeed


Gillian Brodie‏ – @GillBrodie 

I saw a man fixing a puncture near my house, so I took out my bike pump and wet wipes to clean his hands. It was his first time commuting by bike and his first time changing a tyre, so he was grateful for the help!



Not my actions, but a fellow cyclist gave me a paper mudguard to clip on my bike on a v rainy day. Also as a new-ish cyclist, I always really appreciate when other cyclists @ lights mention to look out for upcoming bad potholes/blind spots/pinch points/adverse cambers.


It’s not just mechanicals where people need help… helping someone who has crashed or been involved in a road traffic incident can make a bad moment a little bit better for them. 


Lee Christensen‏ – @wreckeddeco

Have heard many asking for directions and offered my help for them. Seen collisions and provided video for cyclists to use. And had a good laugh with countless others in the pouring rain, soaking wet and without rain gear.


Kim Dargan‏ – @OralHealthHelp

Old Kent Rd – a guy gets knocked off his bike by a van. Van drives off. Guy is in the middle of road. I help him to the pavement – lots of traffic! – and move his bike. Ring 999. Ambulance arrives and he’s taken to hospital. Can’t remember what happened to his bike. Hope he was ok!


Liz Almond‏ – @liz545 

Yep! Rider ahead of me came off due to loose chippings close to my home, so I invited her in to clean up. Also helped with a few punctures/dropped chains.


Stephen Morrison‏ – @HowManyMiles_

No, but at the @LochLomondTri, several other cyclists stopped (adding time to their times) to make sure I was ok when I ended up in a ditch. They kept me smiling until first aiders arrived to deal with my broken clavicle and dislocated shoulder. #GoodCyclingDeed


Daniel Malpass‏ – @Malpy1 

Found a bike in middle of road in mid Wales. Stopped. Cyclist on first sportive had overheated and fell off 15m down an embankment. Force fed him water/gels, called event support/waited/found his Garmin Etc… then my tyre popped for fun in return.


Karma is going to get you in a good way!


Benjamin Hall‏ – @BadgerBrhall

I’ve tried to a few times, but no help was needed. Though one rainy morning, I had two punctures and only one tube. A fellow rider just passed me one of his without uttering a word and rode off into the sunrise – hero. (Bramley near Leeds)


Alex Margison – @AlexMargison

Was in Italy recently… spotted guy by side of road changing inner tube & trying to pump it up with micro pump, so went back to the place where we were staying & fetched my track pump for him. Next day I was out when double punctured… Had just started 5 mile walk back to where we’re staying, when guy pulls up on his MTB. He pointed to his house 300m away and dug out a load of inner tubes and his track pump for me. ‪#Karma


Brendan‏ – @scarface_9toes 

Guy had no spare tubes 10 miles from work. I had two, so gave him one while putting the other in his flat tyre & off he went. I got two more tubes from the shop near work. Two days later, I got a £500 bonus! #Karma


Helping someone else out benefits everyone even you.


KukuPenthouse‏ – @KukuPenthouse 

Was driving home across the moors after just being made redundant that morning. Passed a lady pushing her MTB miles from anywhere. Luckily for her, I had my track pump and repair kit, so we got her flat sorted. Helping someone else out helped me deal with my own shit that day.


Matthew Jones‏ – @DrMatthewJones 

Touring through Belgium. Saw a guy with a puncture having trouble fixing it. Another cyclist stopped and helped. Long story short, ended up giving him one of my spare tubes and we all went out and drunk great Belgium beer.


GeordiePhil‏ – @philrush74 

I ‘found’ a stranded guy on a dark lane whose light had packed up. It was too dangerous to cycle. I had my bike rack on the car so gave him a lift home. He got me some beers while I unloaded his bike.


And sometimes people help, just because it is the right thing to do.


Floyd‏ – @floydruns 

Last time I was in London, I got a puncture whilst on my way to Euston Station to catch a train. Started to panic thinking I was going to miss my train. Flagged down a cyclist on a cycle super highway and he very kindly repaired it for me on the spot.


Lewis Hill‏ – @Hilly_Hilltop 

I double punctured out in some random Essex lanes the other day and was stressing as no tubes or water left. 3 riders from Maillot Noir CC stopped, gave me their spares, replaced my tube for me and generally stopped me worrying. Made my day!


Mike O’Hanlon‏ – @unoghoulie

Within the last couple of weeks, I have replaced a tyre for a novice who was struggling with it. Then, a couple of days later, at the exact same spot, passed a group of riders attending to a chap who had crashed. We’re bike riders, it’s what we do.


It seems the cycling community is friendlier and more supportive than other road users or even other sports!


Matthew Boylan – @MattRB78

Bust chains, broken cables, flat tires… Loads of commuters in Manchester I have helped and been helped by. Could you ever imagine a motorist stopping to help another motorist the same way cyclists help each other?


M4L5T‏ – @EspressoandGin 

I’ve had fellow cyclists stop when suffering with a puncture/torn tyre… Cyclists always give their fellow cyclists a nod/wave when passing… I run a fair bit as well, and you don’t get the same kudos from a passing runner.


But the final word goes to-


Richard Warner‏ – @rgwarner 

If you ever ride passed a cyclist stuck by the side of the road and don’t ask if they need help, you will suffer a puncture in the rain when you have no repair kit. And deserve it.

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