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How is cycle accident compensation calculated?

If you’re about to make a cycling accident compensation claim, you might be wondering how much compensation you’re likely to receive, and how the settlement figure is actually calculated. Here, we explain how personal injury compensation is calculated for a cycle accident and how to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome when making your claim.  

What is cycling accident compensation based on? 

As with any personal injury claim, the settlement you receive can be split into two main categories: general damages and special damages.  

General damages: This covers the injury aspect of your claim, and will be calculated based on the severity and impact of your injuries. The impact, in this context, relates to how your life is impacted long-term, your recovery prospects and additional measures taken in your recovery. 

Special damages: Special damages are calculated based on the financial losses you’ve experienced because of the accident. This could be damage to your bicycle, clothing, loss of earnings due to time off work, or medical expenses.  

How is compensation for my injuries calculated? 

General damages, which covers compensation for your pain and suffering, will be based on the Judicial College Guidelines and case law. These guidelines give an indication of how much you might receive depending on the type of injury or injuries sustained.  

Will I need evidence of my losses? 

Yes, we’ll need to provide evidence of your losses when making a cycling compensation claim. For example, you should provide receipts/invoices for damaged clothing or equipment, or a like-for-like quote from the internet if you don’t have a receipt available. We’re also likely to need photographs of the damage as evidence of the loss.  

You’ll also need an estimate for your bicycle repair, or a quote for the estimated pre-accident value of your bike if it’s written off. There will normally be a deduction for depreciation based on the age of the item you’re claiming for.  

Associate & Cycling Accident Solicitor, Lena Farnell adds:  

Swift collation of evidence really can help case progression; clients don’t always understand this is their responsibility, but it is. Sometimes it’s not possible to be swift with medical legal evidence, in cases where injuries are more severe as recovery can be protracted due to surgery and prolonged rehabilitation. However, property damage can be still dealt with and the issues narrowed down in many cases, enabling us to sometimes seek interim payments which can help clients significantly, certainly if they are off work as a result of the cycling accident.” 

What else do I need to take into consideration? 

There are other factors involved in calculating your final compensation figure. For example, if liability is a factor, there may be an adjustment to the compensation figure you receive based on how the culpability is apportioned between you and the third party.  

There may also be deductions for After the Event (ATE) Insurance, as well as a success fee deduction.  

How much compensation will I receive? 

Due to the range of factors involved in calculating compensation and the complexities involved, it’s not possible to give an exact compensation figure from the outset. 

However, using our experience in settling cycle accident claims, we’ve created a handy claim calculator which gives a broad idea of the different awards that are given in cycling accident compensation claims 

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