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Recommend Cycle SOS and earn £200.

Loyalty scheme doubled throughout November & December!

You may have already seen that we have updated our loyalty scheme and that members will now be given the option to donate their loyalty payment to Brake the road safety charity in order to help more people injured on our roads. To kick start the new initiative with Brake, we have doubled our Loyalty scheme payments throughout November & December!

As a member of our loyalty reward scheme, you can now claim £200 for every recommendation you make (standard payments are £100).

A lot of our business comes from personal recommendations from our satisfied clients and we hope that you are one of them.

Our loyalty scheme is nice and simple! Recommend Cycle SOS to a fellow cyclist (friend or family member, club mate or just someone you’ve met out riding) that has been injured, and we will send you a thank you if we take their case on*. And if you aren’t looking to accept the payment yourself, you can donate the £200 to Brake the road safety charity.

With our dedicated cyclists helpline for you to pass to your friend/family member you can rest assured that they will be in the safe hands of a fellow cyclist with years of legal experience when they call.

Just make sure that, when the friend or member of your family rings, they tell us who you are and how you know us. It is essential the injured person him/herself calls us directly.

Our friendly and experienced team will take all the necessary details and ensure you receive your thank you payment.

For more information about our services or to start your claim, call 0808 100 9995 and speak to one of our specialist solicitors. We’re here to help. You can email us or schedule a callback.


*Terms and conditions apply

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Cycle SOS
Cycle SOS only deal with cycle accident claims. We understand cyclists, and believe that cyclists have the right to be safe on the roads. Cycle SOS The Cyclists National Helpline is made up of a highly trained team of specialist personal injury cycling lawyers that have recovered millions of pounds for people making bicycle accident claims.