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Understanding the Role of Liability in Bike Accident Claims

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At Cycle SOS, we have over 30 years’ experience representing cyclists seeking a bike accident claim. We can help with a range of compensation claims, including road traffic collisions, cyclist pothole claims, dooring accidents, and component failure. We work on your behalf to secure the compensation amount you’re entitled to, whatever the circumstance. 

Many of our personal injury clients have suffered due to the actions or negligence of other road users, for example, they may have been knocked off their bike by a vehicle or may have come off after hitting a deep pothole or other road defect. However, we’re also able to represent cyclists in component failure claims and sports accidents. 

If you’re involved in a cycling accident, our team of specialist cycling solicitors will gather evidence and investigate your claim, using reconstruction techniques, to decide which party is liable or at fault. We’ll assist you with your bicycle accident claim and help you to receive compensation for your personal injury, loss of earnings, bike/kit damage, and medical costs. We can also provide medical assistance and physiotherapy to aid your recovery. 

For more information regarding the role of liability in bike accident claims and assistance starting your claim, call the Cycle SOS team on our 24/7 freephone helpline 0808 100 9995

What is Liability? 

Liability refers to being legally responsible for something, for example, causing a road traffic collision. However, liability must be proven, and it must be shown that the liable party is at fault. This is where a specialist legal team can provide support. 

Recent changes to the Highway Code and potential future changes to liability laws in the UK are intended to change motor vehicle drivers attitudes towards vulnerable road users, make the roads safer for cyclists, and ensure drivers are prosecuted for dangerous driving or at least held responsible for any accidents they cause. 

Bicycle Accident Liability

111 pedal cyclists were killed in Great Britain in 2021, whilst 4,353 were reported to be seriously injured and 11,994 slightly injured. From 2016 to 2021, ‘the most common contributory factor allocated to pedal cyclists in fatal or serious collisions (FSC) with another vehicle was ‘driver or rider failed to look properly’. 

According to recent data, the most common factor in fatal or serious collisions between pedal cyclists and vehicles is the failure of the driver or rider to look properly. #RoadSafety #CyclingSafety

How to make a Bike Accident Claim

After contacting Cycle SOS, your bike accident claim will be taken on by one of our specialist cycling solicitors, who will run through all the information you need to know to go forward with your compensation claim and answer any questions. 

Once we have all the details surrounding your cycling accident claim. We’ll then pursue the party that’s liable for your injuries and further investigate, gathering evidence to help you secure your compensation amount. 

The defendant may accept or deny liability for your bike accident. If they do accept liability for your cycling injuries, you may then choose whether to accept or deny the settlement amount offered. However, you should wait until you have all the facts regarding the severity of your personal injury before accepting a settlement. Our expert team will guide you through this. 

If the other party denies liability for your bike accident claim, or you decide to decline the settlement offer, Cycle SOS will continue to negotiate an appropriate compensation amount on your behalf. The majority of our cycling injury cases are settled out of court. However, if you do need to attend to prove liability, our team will be there to support you throughout the entire claims process. 

For more information about our services or to start your claim, call 0808 100 9995 and speak to one of our specialist solicitors. We’re here 24/7 to help. You can email us or schedule a callback.

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