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Claiming compensation for a cycling accident

Cycle-SOS represent clients Nationwide. It isn’t necessary for you to visit us in person as the majority of your claim can be conducted over the phone and via email and postal correspondence.


1. After contacting the Freephone helpline or submitting a claim online, your claim will be allocated to a member of our specialist cycle team. They will take you through all the information that we need to get your claim underway at a time convenient to you. This is usually done over the phone however; arrangements can be made to visit you at home should this be necessary.


2. Once we have all the accident details we can pursue the defendant (the person that is ultimately responsible for your injuries) on your behalf and make the necessary investigations into your claim.


3. The defendant may accept or deny liability (responsibility) for your accident. If they accept that they are responsible for your injuries, you can then choose to accept or deny the offer.

If your injuries have not yet become clear, we may advise you not to settle your claim just yet. We believe it is worthwhile to wait until we have all the facts about your injuries before we accept a settlement amount. It may be the case that you require a much higher settlement if your injuries persist or worsen to enable you to fund your recovery and ongoing care.

Remember, you can only claim once for your injury so it’s important that you get the right advice the first time.

If the defendant denies liability or you decide to decline their settlement offer, we will be able to negotiate a settlement that you are happy with and that is sufficient for your injuries.


4. A large number of clients ask us if they are likely to have to attend court. The answer is that in the majority of cases this isn’t necessary; however, if your claim does go to court we will be there to support you throughout the process and help you with arrangements on the day.

If you still have questions about making a claim, you can visit our FAQ’s here.