360° Cycling Safety Video – Elephant and Castle

360° Cycling Safety Video – Elephant and Castle

Our cycling tour of London continues with our latest 360° video around the capital’s biggest accident hotspots, and this time we’re at Elephant and Castle.

Elephant and Castle is number one on the list of accident hotspots in London with 80 incidents reported between 2009 and 2013 – almost double that of next on the list, Trafalgar Square. As part of the plan to reduce the number of accidents in this area, Elephant and Castle has seen a significant redevelopment in the past 12 months, the old roundabout system replaced with a new simplified version.

At Cycle SOS we’ve worked with many cyclists who have been injured as a result of an accident on a roundabout so we hope the changes made at Elephant and Castle will have a positive impact on the number of incidents in this area.

Top Safety Tips:

It’s important to remain safe when cycling which is why we look to include some quick safety tips in our videos; while out on your bike always remember the following:

Use bus and cycle lanes – when safe to do so
Pay attention to how vehicles in front are signalling – adjust position and speed accordingly
Check over your shoulder regularly – stay alert to what is around you
Be confident – but don’t move when vehicles over take

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