360° Cycling Safety Video – Lambeth Bridge

360° Cycling Safety Video – Lambeth Bridge

We’re carrying on with our 360º cycling tour of some of London’s biggest accident hotspots and next up on our list is Lambeth Bridge.

The bridge is the fourth biggest accident area for cyclists in London with 38 recorded accidents in the four years leading up to 2013. Opened in 1932 the bridge is open to road and foot traffic and features a roundabout at either end. Check out our crossing in the video below:

Cycling Tips:

We always want to ensure that cyclists remain safe on the roads which is why we look to include tips in our videos; whenever you are cycling always remember to:

  • Ride positively – Keep well clear of the kerb
  • Show your intentions– Look and signal to other road users, making eye contact where possible
  • Remember the highway code – Especially at traffic lights and give way signs
  • Always use cycle lanes when possible – They’re there to help you

If you haven’t already done so, then make sure you check out our Trafalgar Square 360º by clicking the video link below.

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