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5 ways to sneak in a ride over the Christmas Holidays

Sure, Christmas is a time for family and friends – but that doesn’t mean you totally have to neglect your bike. We’ve compiled 5 sneaky ways you can get out and ride this festive period without anyone even batting an eyelid.

Clear the hangover

December is known as the party season, with good reason. Between work drinks, Christmas jumper parties and the mulled wine on offer at German markets, there are very few of us that will get through the holidays without at least one hangover.

There’ll almost certainly be some days when your bike will be the last thing you’ll want to set your bleary eyes on – but a little bracing winter air will soon have you fresh as a daisy and you can cycle for hours guilt-free, as everyone else will be recovering in bed.

Delivering Christmas cards

If you have a load of Christmas cards to deliver in your local area, save on postage and just cycle the route. Not only will it feel great to spread some Christmas goodwill, it’ll also give you the chance to speak to that neighbour you’ve not spoken to for the past three years.

The kids have a new bike

The classic Christmas present for any child is a new bike (although at recent Christmases many 40-year-olds have been just as excited to get their new bikes as four-year-olds!) If your children got a new bike then naturally, the first thing they’ll want to do is test it out.

Not only does this give you and your small person an excuse to get out on the bikes, but you can enjoy some quality family bonding time – and the roads on Christmas Day are almost guaranteed to be free of traffic.

Ride off the Christmas dinner

A stodgy Christmas dinner can be the bane of any cyclist’s fitness regime. However, don’t let this put you off eating it. Instead, stuff your face – as this gives you an excuse to work it all off on the bike with a leisurely ride later that afternoon. This way you also get to miss the naff Christmas films and inevitable family arguments.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s no secret that cycling is great for your health – so why not make a New Year’s resolution to get out on the bike more in 2016? Heck, if you’re really missing the roads over the break, you could even say you’re starting early and head out on Boxing Day!

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