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7 Things Cyclists Do

Cycling can change your life in many ways: you get fitter, feel stronger and save money on transport costs, to name a few… but it can also lead to some strange behaviours. Check out our list to see how bad you’ve got the cycling bug!


1) Your bike(s) are worth more than your car

It’s a cliché, but frequently true – whilst many, if not most cyclists are also car owners; few have the same passion for their motor as they do for their bikes. So much so that for many bike riders, when buying a new car, the biggest consideration is asking whether or not you can easily fit your bike inside the boot!


2) You spend more time cleaning your bike than your kitchen

There’s no doubt about it: a clean bike runs more smoothly and is a joy to ride, and time spent polishing, buffing and tinkering is never wasted. So what if there are dirty dishes in your sink? You only get one life and there are hills to be ridden and Strava segments to be challenged…


3) You know everywhere that serves coffee within a two hour ride radius of your house

One of the greatest pleasures of cycling is the café ride. Whether it’s with your mates on a group ride, or a quiet reflective spin on your own, you can’t beat a decent mid- or post-ride coffee and a hearty slab of cake.


4) You plan your holiday locations based on the quality of riding and access to hire bikes

No matter what your partner or family might be thinking about when planning a holiday, there is always a little corner of your mind reserved for cycling. It’s perfectly normal to wonder if you can get away with a couple of hours of riding while the family chill by the pool… and to judge your destination by proximity to good roads and famous climbs.


5) You point out potholes and obstructions even when walking as a pedestrian

Shouting back to your ride companions has become such second nature to you that you now even do it on your own, or while you aren’t even on a bike! Pointing out potholes or even shouting “slowing” as you approach the traffic lights in your car is just another symptom of thinking like a bike rider.


6) Whatever happens to you, the first question is always “how is my bike?”

Bikes are not just treasured possessions – they are companions. Think how much you have been through together. Finding a bike that fits like a glove, never squeaks and is always reliable is akin to true love. For cyclists, concern for their bike after an incident is almost as great as concern for their own physical well-being.


7) Wearing Lycra in inappropriate places 

When you first started cycling, wearing Lycra even in the privacy of your own bedroom felt odd, and your first time riding in Lycra shorts made you a little self-conscious. Now you are strolling through cafes, eating breakfast in posh hotels in your kit and even nipping into the shops without a blink. You feel as fully dressed in your bib shorts as you do in a business suit.


How did you know when you were bitten by the cycling bug? Is there anything you do that mystifies your friends and family? Tell us on @Cycle_SOS!

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