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Cycle SOS only deal with cycle accident claims. We are cyclists ourselves and we believe that cyclists have the right to be safe on the roads. Cycle SOS ‘The Cyclists National Helpline’ is made up of a highly trained team of specialist personal injury cycling lawyers that have recovered millions of pounds for people making bicycle accident claims.

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Ethics and Values

Cycle SOS -The Cyclists’ National Helpline is made up of a team of lawyers that specialise in helping victims of cycle accidents. We understand that when we meet cyclists for the first time, a traumatic experience of some kind has just taken place. We can offer understanding and guidance based on both experience and a shared passion for cycling. Our client’s best interests are at the core of every decision we make.

In addition to ensuring cyclists are properly compensated for their injuries and losses, we aim to use our brand to assist in:

  • Increasing the number of cycle participants
  • Increasing cycle safety
  • Providing information on the obligations of other road users and the rights and responsibilities of cyclists.


Plain speaking

With over 30 years’ experience representing cyclists; we recognise that legal jargon isn’t necessarily helpful to obtaining the information needed to conduct a successful claim. We pride ourselves on our professional yet “plain speaking” approach and our team’s ability to guide our clients through legal processes that can seem daunting in a friendly and relaxed way.


Providing the highest level of service

We are continually developing internal systems and processes to deliver the highest level of service and overall client experience.

For training and monitoring purposes and to maintain service standards, telephone calls may be recorded. We may refer to it also in the event of a factual dispute as to the contents of a telephone conversation.



As a Trading Style of Fletchers (Solicitors) Ltd, we are Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as Solicitors in England & Wales. Burnley SRA Registration: 515276.

Our employees are given regular training on regulatory issues and systems are in place to ensure all queries are referred for consideration to our designated compliance officers. We provide specific Anti Money Laundering, Data Protection, Solicitors Accounts Rules and VAT update training to protect our employees, our clients and the firm.

Further information can be found in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Supporting the uptake of cycling

Through the support of cycle safety campaigns, the sponsorship of cycle events and sportives, and the delivery of targeted advice to cyclists and those in the cycle industry, Cycle- SOS aim to assist in the uptake of cycling in Britain.


Environmental impact

We acknowledge that our business, like most others, can have an impact on the environment and we are continually working to reduce this impact through development of strategies and systems. We are also mindful of environmental responsibilities when selecting suppliers and aim to use those with responsible credentials.


Ethical Marketing

We are proud to support the ‘Ethical Marketing Charter’ http://ethicalmarketing.org.uk/.

As a signatory of the Charter, we are demonstrating our commitment to responsible, transparent and professional marketing in the Personal Injury sector.


Ethical Marketing Charter commitments

  • Charter signatories stand firmly against nuisance marketing – they never cold call or send spam texts or spam emails.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against the unethical buying and selling of accident data – they never misuse accident data to pressure people into making a claim.
  • Charter signatories stand firmly against inappropriate and misleading advertising – they never induce personal injury claims by making false or misleading promises in their advertising, and are clear and upfront about any exclusions to no win, no fee