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Alternate Cycling resolutions

Dry January? Keeping fit? Boring!

Sure, we all start off January with the best intentions to improve our physiques but how many of us actually see it through to the end? For most of us it’s an exercise in futility and self-delusion.

So instead we’ve drawn up a list of cycling related New Year’s Resolutions that you will be able to keep and will make you a better cyclist in the process.

Greet other cyclists

Anyone who’s on a bike shares a passion with you and it’s time you started acknowledging that. Try and wave to absolutely everyone you see on a bike. Whether that’s someone nipping to the corner shop or a Lycra-clad racer, there’s no harm in sticking your hand up in greeting.

Sure, not everyone will respond but if we all started doing this then the roads would be a friendlier place for us all.

Clean your bike after every ride

Come on, we know you don’t do this as much as you really should. Your bike deserves some TLC in 2016 and there’s no better time to start than now, especially with the mucky winter roads.

2 per cent of our claims come from a product or mechanical fault so reduce the chances of that happening with a well cared-for bike.

Put the gadgets away

Remember why you first started cycling? The breeze in your hair, the beautiful simplicity of a bike, an escape from the tech-driven world we live in? It’s time to claim that back.

Put away the GPS, your strava and the power meter and just go out and enjoy riding your bike. You’ll probably be surprised how much you’ve missed it.

Introduce a friend

How many of your friends have a bike rusting away at the back of their shed? Maybe it’s time you helped them re-discover their love of cycling. Besides, it will probably tie in nicely with their January health kick.

Don’t let the weather stop you

Yes it’s grim out there at the moment but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out and riding your bike.

Going out in chilly temperatures and driving rain may seem like madness but it’s only bad for the first five minutes, when you get into the ride you’ll quickly warm up and hardly notice the weather at all. Besides the feel good endorphins and post-ride smugness have to be worth the effort right?

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