Choosing your representation – Cycle accident claims

Choosing your representation – Cycle accident claims

Horses for courses! You won’t see many time trialists on full suspension MTBs.

The same principle applies when choosing legal representation to recover compensation after a collision or crash.

While it will be obvious fairly quickly if the person you’ve found online and to whom you are talking knows their headset from the bottom bracket or is just pretending to be a cycle claims specialist, there are some more subtle issues of which it pays to be aware.

Traditionally law firms were either Claimant, looking after the individuals, or Defendant, retained by insurance companies to reduce the damages awards by whatever means.

Over the last decade or so some traditional Defendant Insurance firms have opened Claimant departments under a different name but still owned by the parent business.

Life is about detail. Before signing up, check out a few. For example, who or what is the holding business or parent company? Have a look at that organisation’s web pages and at whom it’s aimed.

Next, look for the little words ‘non-fault claims’. If the firm you are looking at is only prepared to run a claim where liability is a racing cert, then two potential issues follow. First, the ultimate owner may be an Insurance company or secondly, they’re cherry picking the easy work. If they are not prepared to take the liability fight on, how sure can you be that they’ll push for the best financial settlement?

Take care that they don’t want to just take any old deal for the sake of a quick fee. Unfortunately it happens.