Cycling Injury Claims Calculator

How much compensation can I get?

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All our lawyers are specialists in personal injury litigation and are supported by a national network of medical experts and accident investigators. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Although it is never possible to answer the question, "How much compensation can I get?" without reviewing the medical evidence, there are tariffs that we and the court follow to. It's a common misconception that an injury is worth one specific amount. The amount of the claim depends entirely on how the accident has affected you and how long it takes for you to recover. The object is to give you something for the injury itself and put you back financially how you would have been if you had not been injured.

We have, however, put together the following calculator to give you a broad indication of the sorts of awards that can be made for various injuries. Click on an area to get an initial idea of what the injury itself may be worth. Then, on top of that, you will be able to claim for any financial losses or consequences you have incurred. If you have some questions, give our free advice line a call to find out more.

Taken from ‘Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’, Thirteenth Edition (2015) by Judicial College. Each settlement will be valued according to the individual merits of each case. Please note that even the most severe cases brought before 1st April 2013 may settle for approximately 10% less than indicated in the calculator due to changes in legislation. The claims calculator is intended as a guide only. Your own Solicitor will be able to advise you of the settlement you could be entitled to and will be able to offer more tailored guidance through the settlement stages of your claim. Smith Jones do not currently accept claims that we believe will settle for under £1000 therefore in some injury types, the minimum figure has been replaced with £1000 where the guidelines may have quoted a lesser amount.