Cycle SOS launch the first-ever 360° London cycling safety video

Cycle SOS launch the first-ever 360° London cycling safety video

We are pleased to present to you our 360° Cycling Safety Video: Trafalgar Square – the first ever 360° video highlighting the unique challenges faced by cyclists in London.

The first video in our new 360° video series on cycling safety, in the video, we show you how to navigate one of London’s worst accident hotspots in innovative 360° view.

The video is the first of its kind, and shows unhindered views of the road ahead and around the cyclist.

Trafalgar Square is number two in the list of cyclist accident hotspots in London, with 46 cyclist accidents between 2009 and 2013. Presenting proper techniques to employ to remain safe on the roads – with this video, we hope to help reduce these numbers by presenting to you, our tips for increasing your safety.

Important advice, including how to deal with lorries, and how to ride on improperly-finished road surfaces, is shown.

Providing you with an immersive experience, using a mobile device, you can tilt your screen or rotate your device to see every inch of the road, and every hazard around you. While if you are using a computer, you can use your mouse to click and drag the screen.

“When we decided to make a series of videos on cycling safety, the 360° format jumped out at us straight away,” said Lauren Hartley, Marketing Executive at Cycle SOS. “As well as being able to experience cycling as if you were there, cyclists can also view what goes on all around them, something they could not do if they were actually cycling.”

Lauren’s comments were supported by Paul Darlington, consultant solicitor at Cycle SOS, who said “In releasing this series of videos, we show our commitment not only to an improvement in cycling safety and reducing the number of accidents, but also new and exciting ways of getting the message in front of an increasingly younger cycling audience.”

To view the first video, head over to our YouTube channel or our Facebook page. The video is also available on the Cycling Weekly website, where it has already been watched thousands of times and promises to be one of the most-watched cycling safety videos this year.

Further videos in the series will centre on two other London accident hotspots – the Elephant and Castle roundabout, and Lambeth Bridge. These videos will be available to view in the next few weeks.