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Cycling UK Incident Line

Cycle SOS is the official partner law firm of Cycling UK. We operate their members Incident Line, to offer a bespoke service to all Cycling UK members following a cycle related incident. On this page you will find all the information required to get in touch with us if you need advice and legal representation following a cycling incident – whether it’s a collision with another vehicle, or a pothole/road defect, or an issue with your bike itself. 

As a Cycling UK member – we promise not to deduct any costs from your compensation, allowing you to keep everything you are awarded at the end of your claim. This is an exclusive benefit of your Cycling UK membership.

Why Cycle sos?

At Cycle SOS, we’ve been specialising in cycling incidents for over 20 years, and have helped thousands of cyclists to get back on their bikes, having successfully recovered millions of pounds in compensation over the years. Our team of lawyers understand cycling, and most importantly, the legal rights that cyclists have on the road. Cycle SOS is part of Fletchers Solicitors – an award-winning Top 100 UK Law Firm specialising in claims involving Vulnerable Road Users. Fletchers & Cycle SOS have dealt with more two-wheel claims than any other law firm in the last 20 years – so with our team you are in great hands. 

We also have one of the largest Serious Injury Units in England, with a strong track record of helping catastrophically injured people rebuild their lives following a life changing incident. Where incidents occur in other legal jurisdictions, we’re able to recommend the best law firms in those areas, who will also ensure the same high level of service standards and knowledge. 

We’ve campaigned hard for vulnerable road users right, helping shape the law and the highway code for cyclists. We’re passionate about helping cyclists move forward after an incident – whether it’s the right care and treatment following a serious injury, or just getting people back on the road. It’s what we do.

The cycling uk incident line

Cycle SOS was appointed by Cycling UK to provide legal advice and representation to their 70,000 members following a cycle related incident. They felt that we would offer the best and most specialist service available. In addition to being real cycling accident specialists, we are able to offer Cycling UK members exclusive benefits that other cyclists would not enjoy – namely, a commitment to never deduct any legal costs from your compensation at the end of the case. 

Most law firm will charge clients a ‘success fee’ – usually a 25% deduction at the end of their case as a contribution to the legal costs and to compensate for the fact that the claim is dealt with on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. For Cycling UK members that choose to use us as the official partner law firm, we promise not to make any deductions from your damages for our legal fees in nearly all cases. This includes any insurance policies that we may need to take out for you. That means you will get the maximum amount to replace your bike, get the treatment you need and to move forward with your life. Finally, for total peace of mind – we still work on a no win no fee basis – allowing Cycling UK members to truly get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of using the Cycling UK incident line

  • A team of Cycling incident solicitors who specialise in this area of law (rather than a generalist personal injury / whiplash lawyer)
  • A firm that has dealt with more two-wheel claims than anyone else in the last 20 years – we’ve helped shape the law for cyclists
  • A large, specialist Serious Injury Unit that deals exclusively with serious, life changing injuries – including spinal injury, serious brain injury and amputations.
  • A promise not to deduct any legal fees from your compensation – allowing you to keep the maximum amount and the end of your case. *
  • A dedicated, bespoke service for all Cycling UK members – from the first call
  • Access to additional care (if you need it) from medical experts, rehab teams, care providers and financial planning
  • Specialist partner firms in Scotland and NI – a high standard of service and specialism for all members in the UK
  • Bespoke ‘Small Claims Pack’ – advice, assistance and information pack where there’s been damage to your bike but no injury and legal representation is not possible, so you are never left out in the cold.

What Do i need to do next?

Give us a call on the official Cycling UK incident line number: 0330 1071 789, or complete the web form below, and one of our team will take some information to allow our lawyers to assess your case and provide you with advice. All advice is at no cost to you, and we always work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have all the information to hand, we’ll be able to cover off the basics and provide advice as to what else we might need in the future as we build your case (photographs of your damaged bike or the road defect, third party details, any camera footage etc). Get in touch today and let us do the rest.

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* Fee deductions may apply in Scotland and NI, or overseas, due to the legal system in those countries, or in hit and run cases where the other party cannot be traced. You will be clearly advised by our team before proceeding, and in most cases there will be no deductions for fees.