Cyclist seriously injured by driver undertaking right hand turn

Cyclist seriously injured by driver undertaking right hand turn

In this case, the cyclist that we represented had been knocked from his bike as he cycled to his place of work in Birmingham.

As he crossed a junction controlled by traffic lights, he was struck by a driver attempting to undertake a right hand turn. 

The accident left the cyclist with serious personal injury. He suffered several fractures of his leg, shoulder, clavicle and ribs and injury to his chest and lungs, requiring immediate surgery.

The driver was prosecuted for offences leading to the accident.

During the claim, we arranged for the cyclist to attend several specialist medical appointments to ascertain the full extent of his injuries and the impact that they may have in the future. The medical report concluded that the problems associated with his shoulder injury were likely to be permanent. Calculations were made to account for future losses including earnings.

As with many cyclists that call the helpline, our client was not worried only by his injuries but also by the loss of his bike.  On top of compensation for his injuries we also sought to recover the losses associated with his mangled bike, clothing and kit. This included: high end bike & helmet, all clothing, lights (front and rear), bike computer, glasses and an irreplaceable item of jewellery which held an unquantifiable sentimental value.

After numerous, inconceivably low offers by the defendants, the cyclists claim for compensation was settled in the sum of £65,000.

The claim was handled by Consultant Solicitor and specialist in cycle accident compensation, Paul Darlington.