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Cyclists’ Rights in the Event of a Car Door Accident

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Have you been injured by a car door opening in your path while cycling? Discover your rights in the event of a car door accident in the UK.

Whether you’ve experienced a minor or severe cycling injury, you may be entitled to bicycle accident compensation covering medical costs, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the incident.

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What Happens When a Cyclist Opens a Car Door?

When a driver opens a car door in the path of a cyclist, the consequences can be severe. Depending on the cyclist’s speed and how far they are from the opening door, they may not be able to stop in time and could hit it with their body or bicycle. This type of car door accident is sometimes called “dooring” and can cause a cycling injury and property damage.

What is the Dutch Reach?

The Dutch Reach is a safer approach to opening a car door as it naturally causes the driver to look over their shoulder and check for upcoming cyclists in their blind spot. It involves using the arm furthest from the door so that your body must turn towards the window for a better view.

Since 2022, the UK Highway Code has included the Dutch Reach. Essentially, the Dutch Reach is in place to protect the rights of cyclists involved in car door accidents and reduce the number of ‘dooring’ incidents that occur.

If a driver doesn’t use the Dutch Reach before opening a car door, they are not following the highway code and may be putting a cyclist at risk. If a cyclist is injured, the driver will be held responsible for the accident, and the cyclist may be entitled to compensation.

"Attention drivers! Using the Dutch Reach before opening your car door is crucial to ensuring cyclist safety. #CycleSOS #HighwayCode #CyclistSafety"

Additionally, it is also essential that cyclists practice safety tips to reduce the risk of a car door accident and injury. Wear bright clothing when riding near parked cars; use hand signals when turning or stopping; maintain a distance away from parked vehicles; and invest in additional lighting equipment, such as bike lights or reflective clothing, to remain visible while cycling even at night.

What can I do if hit by a car door while cycling?

If you’ve been hit by a car door while cycling, you may be entitled to bike accident compensation.

In these types of cyclist claims, it is essential to collect evidence, such as eyewitness accounts or surveillance footage, that might help prove fault and thus obtain fair compensation.

Cycle SOS can help you understand your rights as a cyclist, offer experienced legal advice, and ensure you receive a suitable compensation amount depending on the severity of your cycling injuries, loss of earnings, medical costs, and other damage.

To find out how much compensation you may be eligible for after being involved in a car door accident, call The Cyclists’ National Helpline today at 0808 100 9995 and discover more about our no-win no-fee approach. You can also email us or schedule a callback.

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