Employers encourage cycling to work with new organisation ‘businesscycle’, launched today.

Employers encourage cycling to work with new organisation ‘businesscycle’, launched today.

Businesscycle, which is the new name for the Government’s Cycle to work Guarantee initiative of 2009 encourages employers to take up salary sacrifice cycle to work schemes.

Business in the Community (BITC) are in partnership with Department for Transport (DfT), Transport for London (TfL), British Cycling and Cycle to Work Alliance to promote the uptake of cycling to, from and in work.

Employers already signed up for Businesscycle include npower, BskyB, GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft, Eurostar, Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham airports and Hutchinson Ports.

Major employers that sign up for Businesscycle will have access to discounts on cycle parking, cycle security kits and British Cycling membership for their employees.

Businesscycle will provide information on a range of issues including environmental, social and health benefits of cycling, how to access cycle training, and will also promote safety on the roads. 

Speaking in September, Chris Boardman said:

“It’s the environment that will make it safer. The Government need to get more people riding bikes. 300 miles away in Denmark people are riding bikes in their suits on their way to work, for leisure, and everyone is happy. We need to change the philosophy around road design."

The re-branded initiative embraces the growth in cycling created by the success of the London 2012 games.

You can follow Businesscycle on twitter: https://twitter.com/BusinessCycleUK
Or read more on the newly launched Businesscycle website: http://businesscycle.org.uk/