Our client in this case came to us for help after taking his bike for standard repairs. He took his bike to a local repair shop where a new chain was fitted by an employee at the shop.

The cyclist was riding his bicycle along an ‘A’ road when the chain which had been fitted snapped, causing the client to be thrown over the handlebars and onto his right shoulder, hitting his head on the ground. He was taken to hospital where his head injury was diagnosed and treated.

The cyclist was a self employed forensic accountant therefore the claim for compensation had to include the loss of earnings he suffered in the month following the accident. Upon returning to work he was forced to reduce his workload as he could not continue work at his pre-accident capacity.

Following further investigation into the details of the accident and appointments with several medical experts it was recommended that the cyclist attend for neuropsychological testing. It was concluded that the client’s condition would not deteriorate further and he would be able to continue to work at his current ability.

Following the results of the testing, the claim was settled in the sum of £100,000.