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How to get a Summer Body Cycling

It will soon be beach season and that can only mean one thing, it’s time to get your summer body ready. Yep, hotter weather means fewer clothes which means that more of your body is going to be on public display, so you’d better make sure you’re looking lean and toned to attract the right kind of attention. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensuring your whole body is preened and ready for the next few months.

Legs and bum

If your legs don’t already look like burnished golden pistons, then there’s not much we can say to help other than – “get out on your bike more!” Your quads, hamstrings and the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles in your calf are all used in pedalling so it’s little wonder a cyclist’s legs are often their pride and joy. Hours in the saddle will make sure any thunder thighs or cankles drop right off – try alternating between sitting and standing while pedalling to work an even bigger range of muscles

Abs, core and back

You may think that sitting around on a bike saddle does nothing for your core but you’d be sadly mistaken. Without a strong core you’ll be worse at cornering and holding an aerodynamic position on the bike. As long as you remember to engage your core while cycling, by tucking into an aerodynamic position, you’ll have a washboard stomach before you know it – and it’ll do wonders for your bike handling skills, which may just save your life.


Now this is a tough one. Look at a Tour de France cyclist and they’ll have arms more spindly than a dragonfly’s leg. You don’t have to have quite so much dedication to being skinny though.

If you want to build up your arm strength try booking a cycling holiday, lugging your bike in a bag through airports is a great workout. Alternatively offer to fix a friend’s old bike, cranking off rusted bolts will test your strength to the max.


Nobody wants cycling tan lines but if you’re putting in hours in the saddle they could be unavoidable. If it really worries you, you could use a mesh top, but just don’t end up like chap here.

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