Had A Recent Bicycle Accident and Need Advice?

If you’re a pedal cyclist and you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, been injured by a pothole, man hole cover or similar then call us for immediate help on our 24 hour Freephone number: 0808 100 999 5. Cycle SOS have 30 years representing cyclists and we are here for you when you need help or advice regarding your bike accident claim.

We handle all types of cases from standard to the more unusual and challenging and have the expertise to win them all. We can claim for loss of earnings on your behalf and get you access to medical and physiotherapy services. When you work with us you can be confident that you’ll be speaking to:

  • An investigator trained in accident reconstruction
  • A legally qualified specialist in bicycle accident claims
  • A fellow cyclist
  • An experienced specialist


If you need advice on a bicycle accident claim, you can ring the Cycle S.O.S. Freephone number, or alternatively visit our contact page and fill in your details and a specialist cycle solicitor will get back to you when it is convenient for you.