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How to successfully make an injury claim

The legal experts at Cycle SOS have over 30 years of experience in cycling claims and understand the importance of considering the losses your accident has caused early in your claim. 

We’ll show you how to photograph any damage to your bike or kit after an accident. We’ll also share some tips on how to keep a record of your bicycle’s condition. 

Belongings, such as a helmet, that are lost or damaged in a road traffic collision are compensated on an indemnity basis, which means their pre-collision value. When recovering losses as part of your compensation claim, you must have evidence such as receipts for your bicycle and parts. Take a look at some auction sites and classified ads for an idea of how much a bicycle part is currently worth when recovering your losses.   

Insurers may ask for proof of ownership and damage. That’s why it’s also important to have photographs and an insurer’s assessment (which can be carried out by your local bike shop). Cycle SOS can also recommend specialist assessors for carbon bicycle frames. 

How to photograph a damaged bike or kit

Well-lit and clear photographs can help to tell your claim story quickly and effectively. Start by taking a long-shot of the whole bike before getting gradually closer to the damage. This helps others to visually see the extent of the damage and its impact. You should also include close-up photographs in your evidence. 

How to log evidence of losses

Our team of Cycle SOS solicitors, we always recommend that you keep a log of items that have been damaged. You should also try to find and keep the receipts for each item or bike part together in an envelope with your service history in case you need to provide them.  

It’s also a good idea to photograph your bicycle before a clean or routine check, as keeping a diary of service records will prove your bike has had regular maintenance if you ever experience component failure in the future. 

At Cycle SOS, we’re only able to recover damage losses as part of a cycling injury claim rather than a damage claim. However, our friendly and experienced team can offer advice on how to pursue this yourself. For more information on how to gather evidence for a claim or need advice on claiming compensation for a cycling injury, contact our legal experts today on 0800 100 9995.

For more information about our services or to start your claim, call 0808 100 9995 and speak to one of our specialist solicitors. We’re here to help. You can email us or schedule a callback.

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