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Industry resource to
encourage the uptake of cycling

The Cycling Industry’s Legal Resource Partner. 

We are huge advocates for the uptake of cycling and if our advice and resources can give employers the confidence to encourage their own workforce to cycle to work, or to enable an Independent bike dealer to help their customers when needed, then we’re happy to support them in doing so.

Employers offering a ‘cycle to work’ scheme

Since the introduction of the government’s Green Transport plan, we have been supporting employers who offer their employees the tax free benefit of a cycle to work scheme. 

The tax exemption scheme was introduced to encourage more people to cycle, reducing traffic and pollution. The scheme is beneficial to employees, giving them the bike of their choice at a much lower cost, increasing their health and reducing the cost of their commute to work.

There will be employers who are wary of such schemes and who do not feel able to implement such an arrangement by themselves. This is where Cycle SOS can assist, whether the employer is considering pool bikes, salary-sacrifice purchase or an employee’s’ own (or a combination).

We can offer advice, reassurance and support through The Cyclists’ National Helpline. You do not need to be a member or pay a subscription. We can work alongside employers, offering a pro-active partnership involving participants and providers.

You can also rest assured that should any of your employees require advice for an injury they have suffered and bicycle accident compensation, our information will be straight to hand. Our specialist cycle solicitors have safeguarded the rights of thousands of cyclists, at no cost to them for over 30 years.

For further information about cycle to work schemes visit:

Independent Bike Dealers / Mechanics

The hazards that confront cyclists are well publicised. Many of them are likely to be addressed over time, as traffic planning and driver education start to make a difference. But for the present, as casualty rates either remain constant or increase, it’s more important than ever for cyclists to have access to the best advice, quickly.

Professionals such as yourselves, working directly with the cycling public, are often asked to assist with matters that may be just outside your remit. In order to ensure that the cyclist gets the best possible response to their query, we at Cycle SOS provide a resource for you which can be accessed throughout your day to day work in the industry. 

We also operate The Cyclists’ National Helpline – 0808 100 999 5 which you can direct the enquirer to at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our expertise in cycle claims, collisions, reconstructions and investigations mean that when you have an enquiry which you cannot answer yourself, by recommending Cycle SOS you can be confident that you are directing your customer to a professional who can help.

Our insight and experience follows working with:

  • Cycle Demonstration Towns
  • Bikeability Training
  • Association of Commuter Transport
  • Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators’ conferences & training

Our legal team have been representing injured cyclists in all manner of incident for over 30 years and are cyclists themselves, meaning they have the understanding needed to assist with any problems you may be facing.For help on bicycle accident compensation, call us now on our freephone helpline: 0808 100 999 5. You can also use the live chat button on the right of your screen. Alternatively you can send us an email to

  • Over 30 years representing cyclists
  • Our team are cyclists themselves
  • Members of our team are trained in accident investigation and reconstruction techniques and also include ex-traffic police
  • We operate a 24/7 Freephone helpline 0808 100 999 5
  • We handle unusual cases and have the expertise/experience to win them
  • We provide access to medical assistance and physiotherapy to get cyclists back on their bike
  • We can recover all other losses including loss of earnings, damage to bike and kit.

PDF Downloads and helpful links

This resource has been put together by our team of specialist cycle claims Solicitors to fore arm cyclists with all the legal knowledge needed to protect themselves on our roads.


You may be asked for advice following a collision that has caused damaged to a bike but not injury to the cyclist. We have put together the following case study to help you advise the cyclist following a damage only collision:


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Further information on any Statutes that we make reference to in our faq’s or pdf guides is available at the links below:

Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 170 –

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 Regulation 105-

Road Traffic Act 1988 Section 2 – Dangerous Driving –