La fin – an epic challenge is complete

La fin – an epic challenge is complete

As you are reading this, the riders will have made their way back across the channel on the Eurostar. No doubt tired, no doubt sore, but full of pride we are sure.

At Cycle SOS, we have been proud to support Cure Leukaemia’s London 2 Paris: Inspiring the Revolution ride. It’s been an epic feat for all involved and all for a fantastic cause. Everyone who has played a part in this ride from London to Paris should be immensely proud of their involvement.

Cure Leukaemia’s London 2 Paris: Inspiring the Revolution ride wasn’t just a case of cycling from London to Paris though, it was much more than that.

Organised by ex-footballer and former leukaemia sufferer, Geoff Thomas, the ride was about raising money to fight the battle against leukaemia and raise awareness about this form of blood cancer. Coming a decade after Professor Charlie Craddock and his team at the Centre for Clinical Haematology saved his life, the ride formed part of Geoff’s revolution to raise £2 million in two years for the Cure Leukaemia charity. It was a way of giving something back. A way of supporting the team that helped him to win the battle against such a terrible disease.

From the 18th-22nd June, 230 riders cycled 80 miles a day to cover the 500km between London and Paris. Making an estimated 458,000 revolutions of their wheels, each cyclist had committed to raising vital sponsorship for Cure Leukaemia and by doing so they were helping the 30,000 people who are diagnosed with blood cancer every year.

From London to Folkestone, Folkestone to Calais, Calais to Abbeville, Abbeville to Beauvais and finally Beauvais to Paris, all of the riders and members of the support team have been involved in something amazing.

Something amazing that currently sees the sponsorship standing at £526,530.67. It’s not too late to donate though. If you want to be involved into something amazing and wish to support this fantastic cause, you can do so here.