The Spring Classics

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 One of the key things to note about the biggest one-day professional road cycling races in France, Belgium and Italy is that they are tough.   Even that may be an understatement if you bear in mind Paris-Roubaix Race Director Jaques Goddet’s words: ‘Paris-Roubaix is the last test of madness that the sport of cycling puts before its participants…. A …

By Lauren Hartley on the 23rd April 2018

Real Lives: Real Cyclists: Louise Gold

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Louise Gold is Head of Behavioural Change at Sustrans, the UK charity that campaigns to improve the UK’s walking and cycling culture and infrastructure. How did Sustrans begin? In the 1970s, a band of hippies decided to forge the Bath to Bristol cycle path, which led to creation of the National Cycle Network. This gave rise to a plethora of …

By Lauren Hartley on the 11th April 2018

Cycle SOS How To: Train for a Sportive

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If you’ve signed up to tackle a sportive this year, you may be trying to get a few training rides in to prepare for it. Mass participation events can vary in length and difficulty and a 30-mile adventure in the lanes of Kent will naturally be somewhat different to an epic 100km in the French Alps. However, the better your …

By Lauren Hartley on the 22nd March 2018

Cycling Utopias: Copenhagen

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Looking for a cycling-friendly city break? Copenhagen has to be on your list.  Regarded as one of the world’s happiest cities – according to both the UN and the World Health Organisation – it’s a joy to cycle in. Denmark’s capital began life as a Viking fishing village in the 10th century and today its wide boulevards boast cycle lanes …

By Lauren Hartley on the 6th March 2018

London’s cycling infrastructure can only get better

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When London’s current mayor, Sadiq Khan, took office in 2016 he pledged £770m would be spent over the four years of his term to make cycling in the UK capital a ‘safe and obvious’ transport choice for all. His predecessor, Boris Johnson, had declared how ‘difficult’ it is in London to create more space on the roads. During Johnson’s tenure, …

By Lauren Hartley on the 14th February 2018

Real Lives. Real Cyclists: Mark Wellings

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Originally from the Northwest, Mark Wellings lives and works in London – a stone’s throw from Herne Hill Velodrome. His day job is running a small publishing agency, and he recently wrote Ride! Ride! Ride!, a colourful history of British track cycling. What’s your first memorable experience of riding a bike, any places or bikes that stand out? One of …

By Lauren Hartley on the 7th February 2018

How to ride safely with other cyclists

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Whether you’re cycling in traffic alongside other commuters or riding out into the countryside with friends and club-mates, riding in a bunch takes diligence and a few golden rules… Some people find they commute all or part of the way to and from work alone. But if you cycle in a city like London you’ll have to negotiate other riders …

By Lauren Hartley on the 1st February 2018

Winter bike maintenance

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Life is always sweeter in the saddle – even in the winter it beats being pressed up close to a stranger’s armpit on public transport. But having to repair your bike halfway through the journey is something none of us want to do in wet, cold weather. So look after your bike regularly, invest a little bit and it will …

By Lauren Hartley on the 24th January 2018

Fuel that ride

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  Nutrition is key to fuelling any bike ride whether it’s an early morning commute where a tea or coffee will help to get you going, or a four-hour country jaunt that calls for the right hydration and carbohydrate intake. People sometimes say a bicycle is the ‘horse that eats no hay’, but of course it’s you powering the wheels, …

By Lauren Hartley on the 17th January 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Cycle SOS Our team will be taking a well earned break from 22nd December 2017 for the Christmas period but we will be reopening for the following days between Christmas and New Year: 27th December 2017 (10am – 2pm) 28th December 2017 (10am – 2pm) 29th December …

By Lauren Hartley on the 14th December 2017