By Lauren Hartley on the 18th June 2017

Cycle SOS introduces: Real Lives. Real Cyclists.

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Cycle SOS is proud to announce the launch of Real Lives. Real Cyclists: a campaign which brings attention to the experiences and lives of the millions of cyclists who take to the roads of the UK every day. Many drivers might be tempted to see cyclists as nothing more than a nuisance, or – worse – just as statistics. Cyclists …

By Lauren Hartley on the 14th June 2017

A-Z of cycle commuting

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W is for wet-wipes, the commuter’s friend What to wear to ride your bike to the office, whether to get changed and how to transport your clothes is all part of the daily conundrum of cycle commuting. Not to mention staring down the strange looks from colleagues as you stroll through the office in your finest Lycra. One of the …

By Lauren Hartley on the 7th June 2017

A-Z of cycle commuting

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B is for breakfast When you first start cycle commuting there is a natural assumption that you will save money on fares and fuel, but quickly you will realise the cash your car used to guzzle is now being guzzled by your own permanently ravenous gut. Cycling can burn as much as 500 calories in just 30 minutes! Ride to …

By Lauren Hartley on the 5th June 2017

Five Reasons You Need to Try Commuting by Bike

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1. Timings How long is your commute? For most people, the answer to this question changes every day — sometimes it’s 15 minutes and sometimes it’s two hours – on the same route! Traffic, roadworks, diversions, dreaded ‘signal failures’, train delays and strikes can all affect the length of your journey. But cycling is an easy way to bypass this …

By Lauren Hartley on the 26th May 2017

12 reasons why March and April are by far the best months to watch pro cycling

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The metrological winter has come to an end, and this coincides with the most exciting time of the cycling season. The end of February, March and April sees four ‘Monuments’- the Cobbled Classics; the Ardennes Classics; and two of the greatest week-long stage races. Put simply, it’s two months of cycling saturation and being glued to the TV screen (if …

By Lauren Hartley on the 7th March 2017

Cycle SOS Pit Stop

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With the number of journeys made by bike in London having doubled to over 600,000 every day — it’s never been more important to spread the message of proper cycling maintenance. To do our bit, Cycle SOS teamed up with Cycling Weekly on a cold February morning at the popular London cycling café, Look Mum No Hands, to set up …

By Lauren Hartley on the

Cycle SOS Sponsor the City of Lancaster Triathlon (COLT) Juniors

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The City of Lancaster Triathlon club allows young people, between the age of 8 and 18, to engage in multi-sports such as triathlon and modern pentathlon. Control, observation and anticipation skills are fundamental skills not only in a triathlon environment but also while cycling on the roads. In supporting the COLT Juniors through sponsorship, Cycle SOS are promoting the need …

By Lauren Hartley on the 26th January 2017
Coffee beans

Coffee and Cycling – Myths, Disadvantages and Benefits.

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For many cyclists, the perfect complement to a ride out is a caffeinated beverage. The most common of these is coffee, one of the most popular choices for professionals, cyclists and Americans everywhere. But why do we have such a love affair with this liquidised bean? And are coffee and cycling a marriage made in heaven? First, and foremost, a …

By Lauren Hartley on the 4th January 2017

It’s time to bust some myths about cycling

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In our latest video, Cycle SOS team up with Cycling Weekly to bust some of those frustrating myths about cycling. We take a look at London’s new cycle lanes, how brave you really have to be to cycle, the ‘war’ between road users, red light running and last but by no means least…Lycra! We hope you enjoy and remember – …

By Lauren Hartley on the 23rd December 2016