How it should be: All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG)– ‘Get Britain Cycling’ April 2013

How it should be: All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG)– ‘Get Britain Cycling’ April 2013

As the Government announces proposals that threaten to send common law “back to the dark ages” (Brett Dixon), we take a look at some of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s most resonant sound bites since the launch of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ Campaign in 2013.

“Our vision is for a dramatic increase in the numbers and diversity of people who cycle because they see it as a safe and normal activity.”

“Cycling is a safe activity especially when compared to the health risks of physical inactivity. Yet there are collisions and deaths on our roads. These are tragic and avoidable.”

“Fears over safety are a major barrier to getting more people cycling.”

“Cycling needs to be not just a personal option; it should be a core issue.”

“The demand is there. The Olympics and Tour de France helped cycling catch the public’s attention in 2012.  A Parliamentary debate on cycling galvanised extraordinary cross-party support.  Yet massive and unnecessary barriers are preventing us from capitalising on this enthusiasm.”

[Source: APPCG]


Regrettably and hypocritically the remarkable uptake in cycling post 2012 has coincided with a gradual erosion of cyclists’ rights in respect of their compensation following injury at the hands of a negligent road user or highway authority.

Now there is the very probable scenario that many cyclists will be excluded from claiming altogether if insurance industry lobbying is successful.

Since 2013 the landscape for the victim of a collision or highway defect has suddenly become a whole lot more challenging. If the risk to cyclists were not enough already, they also risk their financial well-being and that of their families in terms of physical and monetary recovery if the proposals are implemented.

You can read more about the Government proposals here.


Brett Dixon is a Consultant Solicitor at Cycle SOS and Vice President of The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).