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Pothole Claims

Potholes are a common cause of injury for cyclists. If you’ve experienced a cycling accident caused by a pothole or other road defect, discover our tips from the Cycle SOS experts on making a successful compensation claim. 

What is a road defect?

A road defect is where part of the road surface may have come away or is damaged. Whether it’s a crack or subsidence, road defects are often referred to as potholes and can cause accidents for cyclists. Other things that can affect a road surface, such as failing grid covers, can also cause accidents. 

The most common cause of injury for cyclists is falling forwards from their bike, leading to head, neck, shoulder and upper-arm injuries that could be potentially life-changing. 

When is a pothole considered dangerous?     

The definition of a dangerous pothole varies between local authorities. However, usually, a pothole that is considered dangerous will be a minimum of 40mm deep and have a width of 300mm or over. 

What does the court expect from a cyclist pothole claim?

The key to a successful cyclist pothole claim is to ensure that you clearly document the road defect as soon as possible after the accident. This is important as leaving it even just a week to report the pothole may be too late if the road defect has changed or been filled in and no longer exists. 

Take a look at the video for information on how to measure a pothole, how to set up a measuring tool and what you should photograph as evidence for the compensation claim. 

For further assistance with measuring and photographing a road defect, reporting a road defect to the local authority, and making a successful cyclist pothole claim, contact the Cycle SOS team today. Our 0800 100 9995 helpline is free to call.

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