The Vulnerable Road User Group

The Vulnerable Road User Group (VRUG) was formed to draw public and political attention to the Small Claims Limit changes and the negative impact they will have on vulnerable road users.


The Government is proposing to raise the Small Claims Limit for anyone who is injured in a road traffic accident, from £1,000 to £5,000 with the aim of reducing the number of fraudulent whiplash claims.


Vulnerable road users include:

  • Cyclists,
  • Pedestrians,
  • Motorcyclists, and
  • Horse Riders.


The changes to the Small Claims Limit have been described by campaigners as unfair and overly punitive, but this is particularly the case for vulnerable road users who rarely get whiplash injuries, and whose injuries are particularly serious.


The Group has a varied membership, including groups such as Cycling UK, British Cycling, Brake, Living Streets and Road Peace, and is campaigning for ministers to re-think their strategy about the implementation of the Civil Liability Bill.


If you feel strongly about this issue, then visit the VRUG website here: and fill in the form at the bottom to contact your MP.