Bicycle component failure is a common cause of cycling accidents, and at Cycle SOS we often deal with cases of injury as a result. The failure of components is most often attributed to faulty parts from the manufacturer. Negligent fitting or inadequate repair of parts by professional bicycle mechanics or store staff may also cause cycle component failure though these cases are less frequent.

If you have been involved in a cycling accident which you believe was caused by component failure, we are here to assist you.

Since 1988, we have successfully represented many cyclists who have been involved in cycling accidents caused by component failure. For these cyclists, we have brought claims against manufacturers and retailers of both bikes and cycling components.

When claiming for compensation, we will always take into consideration all consequences of the accident. In addition to obtaining compensation for the injuries sustained, we will also include compensation for loss of earnings, medical treatments, care, and damage to the bike and kit.
Common Component Failure Parts

We find, in the majority of bicycle component failure cases, that the cranks and forks are the most common parts in which failure occurs.

Widespread use of Q/R systems permits rapid disassembly for transportation. As the lever indicates which way to replace the wheel, problems with cone tightening or loosening while riding are almost eliminated. Cleanliness, maintenance and judicious lubrication at rebuild are the solution. Brakes will be part of any pre-ride ‘W’-check.


What Causes Bike Component Failure?

Unfortunately, due to the implications of parts failing, serious injuries may occur due to the rider being thrown from their bicycle. Over the years, we have helped many cyclists to recover compensation for head, face, dental and upper body injuries.

Catastrophic component failure can and often does have serious consequences.

A sudden failure of a fork, tube or stem, will undoubtedly lead to an incident. Other failing componentry such as a crank or chain will cause loss of balance and control, often leading to dismount. Facial, dental, head and upper body injuries are an inevitable result for which we’ve helped many cyclists recover compensation for.

We understand that the cranks and the forks are not the only parts on a bike that can fail. A bicycle is a complex machine that relies upon the interaction of many different parts and components in order to operate safely. Should any one of these parts fail, then the bicycle will become unsafe and the likelihood of a crash will increase.

Something as seemingly harmless as a mudguard stay if fitted without proper care and thought is capable of causing an accident. Should a bolt securing the stay to the guard engage in the tread of the rotating tyre, the guard is likely to telescope and jam between the crown of the fork and the tyre, instantly causing the rider to be thrown forward over the bars and onto the road.

Why Choose Cycle SOS?

Following a cycling accident, it can often be a challenge for an untrained observer to determine the cause and what is at fault. For this reason, we have a skilled team at Cycle SOS who are not only cyclists themselves but are also trained in accident investigation and reconstruction techniques.

Component failure in any instance can cause significant injury, however, failure whilst negotiating traffic can put the cyclist in an extremely dangerous position. We have worked on behalf of many clients who have experienced component failure and have found themselves suffering cycling accidents on the road.

There were 3,401 serious injuries to cyclists in 2014, this is a 8.2% rise from the previous year.

Led by Paul Darlington, we regularly campaign on cycling related safety issues and support many initiatives to increase the safety of cyclists in Great Britain. Previously we have worked with Cycling England, the Cycling Demonstration Town project and various cycle city expos.

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident As A Result Of Component Failure?

In the event of component failure, it is important to ensure the faulty part is forensically examined. Cycle SOS can help with this as part of your claim. The failure should be photographed and recorded in a forensic report before considering returning it to the manufacturer/supplier.

Under no circumstances part with the component until you have taken advice.

To begin your claim for bicycle component failure call us for free on 0808 100 9995 and talk to one of our specialist solicitors. We are here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our ready and waiting to provide assistance.