Cycle lane accidents often occur when vehicles other than bicycles use the cycle lanes of a road or something that should not be in the cycle lane is causing an obstruction. As cyclists ourselves and experienced cycling accident lawyers since 1988, we have encountered many different types of accidents in cycle lanes.

If you have been affected by a cycling accident in a cycling lane, our specialist solicitors are here to provide you with assistance.

We have helped thousands of cyclists who have been involved in cycling accidents, many of which occurred in a cycle lane.
We can assist you with a claim at no initial cost to you in most cases. Almost all of our cyclist road accident claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement. More commonly known as a no win, no fee agreement, this will mean you will only pay for our services if you are successful in your claim.


As the cyclist’s national helpline, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us for free on 0808 100 9995 to receive specialist advice and assistance in beginning your claim.


What can I claim for?

When claiming for compensation, we will always take into consideration all factors of the accident.

Despite clearly being marked as to be used by cyclists only, cycle lanes are a common place for cycling accidents to take place. It could be that car drivers use cycling lanes as place for overtaking other vehicles, it could be that they are using the lane as a place to temporarily stop whilst dropping other passengers, or it could be that vehicles have parked in the cycling lane, causing cyclists to swerve into the path of other road users. Whatever the situation causing a vehicle other than a bicycle to be in a cycling lane, the implications of this can often mean that a cyclist is seriously injured or even killed.


Why choose Cycle SOS?

As cyclists ourselves, we know the dangers the roads present and have seen first-hand, the consequences that cycling accidents can have on both the cyclist and on their families.

If you have been affected by the death of someone close to you in a cycling accident and are making a claim on their behalf, we are here to provide you with the support and assistance to ease your suffering.

At Cycle SOS, we are not just cyclists and solicitors, but also cycling safety campaigners too. Cycle lanes should be free from other traffic and should be a safe place for cyclists to complete their journey. However, this is not always the case and unfortunately, cycle lane accidents do occur. To minimise the occurrences of these accidents, we regularly campaign on the subject of cycling safety.

Led by Paul Darlington, we are committed to cycling safety issues and are supporters of many initiatives introduced to increase the safety of cyclists in Great Britain. Initiatives we have worked with, include Cycling England, the Cycling Demonstration Town project and various cycle city expos.

Call us for free on 0808 100 9995 to receive specialist advice and assistance in beginning your claim.