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What to do if you see a cycle accident

With no outer shell to protect you on your bike, when cyclists are involved in a road traffic collision, it can often lead to significant injury. 

If you witness a cycling accident, your main concern will be to check that everyone is OK. But once you’ve given immediate assistance and contacted emergency services if needed, as a witness to a cycling accident, there are several ways you can help ensure that the cyclist receives the compensation they may be entitled to.  

How can I help someone after a cycle accident? 

Witnesses can play a crucial part in a cycling accident compensation claim. A successful cycling claim requires evidence to build up a picture of what happened and determine liability, but if those involved are injured, they might not be in the best position to gather the information needed. Here’s how you can help:  

Make a note of what happened 

Eyewitness statements can be critical in establishing the cause of a road traffic accident. You can help by making a note of what you saw, perhaps using a written note in your phone or a voice note. It can also be useful to take down details such as the date and time of the incident, the weather, road conditions, and any vehicle details.  

Take photographs  

You might be asked to take photographs if those involved aren’t able to do so. Photographic and video evidence can form an important part of a cycle accident claim. For example, if an accident was caused by a pothole, it’s important to get photographs of the road defect, showing the size (ideally with measurements or something to show scale) and location of the pothole if possible.  

Depending on the nature of the accident, it might also be helpful to have photographs of road markings, signage, or damage to vehicles and property.  

Look at your dash cam footage  

Dash cam footage can be used as evidence in a cycling claim to help establish liability. If you’ve witnessed a cycle accident, you might be asked to provide your dashcam footage as part of the investigation.   

Leave your contact details  

If the police are involved, they may ask for your name and contact details. Otherwise, it might be helpful to provide your details to the parties involved, in case you’re needed to provide a statement or further information as the case progresses.  

Will I have to go to court if I witness a cycle accident? 

The vast majority of cycling accident claims settle without the need to issue court proceedings. In most cases, the claim will be settled out of court through negotiations with the other party’s insurance company.  

In cases where a settlement can’t be agreed, the claim may need to go to civil court. If the case goes to court, evidence will be presented by both parties and a decision is made based on the balance of probabilities (i.e., which side has the more convincing evidence).   

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