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Which city has the most cycle accidents?

Cycling in the city can be great – not only does cycling offer health benefits to the individual, but opting to hop on your bike is also good for the environment, protecting our planet from harmful emissions.  

But despite its benefits, cycling can be dangerous. According to statistics from the Department for Transport, 91 cyclists were killed in Great Britain 2022, while 15,602 people were injured while cycling.  

As cycling accident solicitors, we see first-hand the devastating impact a cycle accident can have. And while cycle accidents happen all over the UK, some cities appear to be more dangerous for cyclists than others. In this article, we look at which city has the most cycle accidents.  

UK’s most dangerous cities for cycling  

As covered by My London News, the most dangerous city for cycling was found to be Birmingham, with an overall danger score of 7.38. Birmingham was closely followed by Newcastle with a score of 7.21, with Plymouth in third place.  

The results were calculated based on four factors: steepness, average bike accident, surface quality and dim lighting. Interestingly, London was only fifth on the list of most dangerous cities for cyclists, with Manchester in seventh place.  

It is perhaps surprising that the capital didn’t come higher, but a report from Transport for London published in 2023 suggests that London is becoming safer for cyclists. TfL data on road traffic accidents in London in 2022 shows that the number of people killed while cycling fell by 58%. Those seriously injured did increase by 42% against the 2005-09 baseline, but cycling journeys increased by 88 per cent over this period, suggesting that cycling trips in the capital have become safer overall.  

Rural roads dangerous for cyclists  

Cycling in the city certainly has its risks, but according to statistics from the Department for Transport, most cycling fatalities happen on rural roads, with the report showing that between 2018 and 2022, 56% of pedal cycle fatalities occurred on rural roads compared to 44% in urban settings.  

Campaigning for safer cycling 

With growing numbers of cyclists on our roads, it’s more important than ever that we see proper investment in cycling infrastructure to improve the safety of cyclists. 

Leading cycling charity, Cycling UK has been campaigning for safer and more accessible cycling for over 140 years. Among their initiatives, we recently helped Cycling UK relaunch the Fill That Hole website, which aims to reduce the number of cycling accidents caused by potholes and other road defects. The improved site allows members of the public to quickly and easily report a pothole directly to the relevant authority, so that repairs can be arranged.  

Nationwide cycling accident lawyers  

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