London based cyclist Mr. Jennings was struck by a car that was attempting to make its way through a gap in stationary traffic. The force of the impact carried Mr. Jennings some distance causing him to lose control of his bicycle. He fell heavily on his right hand side and he sustained a fracture to his right arm and leg. As a result of his injuries, Mr. Jennings required surgery and physiotherapy and was required to make some changes at home, as well as receiving daily assistance from his family.
In this case, the cyclist that we represented had been knocked from his bike as he cycled to his place of work in Birmingham. As he crossed a junction controlled by traffic lights, he was struck by a driver attempting to undertake a right hand turn. The accident left the cyclist with serious personal injury. He suffered several fractures of his leg, shoulder, clavicle and ribs and injury to his chest and lungs, requiring immediate surgery. The driver was prosecuted for offences leading to the accident.