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Why supporting UK Bike Week is great for cycling

An annual celebration of cycling has been taking place since 1923 and this year’s Bike Week runs from 6-12 June. We take a look at the benefits of UK Bike Week to the wider cycling community and explain how you too can support Cycling UK’s seven days of cycling.

Bike Week 2022

In the last few years, many people discovered or rediscovered cycling, with some dusting off that old bike sitting in the shed and others getting into the saddle for the first time. Now that life is returning to some kind of normal, we as a cycling community want to make sure those bikes don’t return to the dusty corner of the shed! Through inspiring people to cycle in their local area, Cycling UK hopes Bike Week will encourage more people to cycle more often.

Having one special week to make some noise about cycling and direct the focus of local councils and politicians to the positive side of riding a bike will help to push forward the agenda of active travel – as well as supporting individual cyclists.

Bike Week 2022 will focus on how cycling can positively impact local communities by improving people’s health and environmental footprint while saving money. Families, friends, neighbours and co-workers are encouraged to unite to imagine how their local area could be improved if people cycled more.

Ride and Share

If you’re looking for inspiration, or an excuse to ride somewhere new, Cycling UK has put together details of amazing routes all over the country for Bike Week participants to try. From the Cathedrals Cycle Route challenge to West Kernow Way, there’s a route in every local area to suit every cycling ability. Find an event near you and register today.

When you are out riding during Bike Week don’t forget to share your rides on social media using the hashtag #BikeWeekUK. And if you log your ride on the Cycling UK site you will also be in with a chance of winning prizes provided by Halfords and Hiplok. The more people that take part in Bike Week, the more of an impact cycling has, giving a stronger voice to shout about how much of a difference cycling can make in local communities.

With a range of different challenges and inspiration there really is something for everyone to try in Cycling UK’s routes. It’s good to stretch yourself with new experiences so wherever you are on your cycling journey you can find new family cycling games, skills sessions or fitness goals to take you just that little bit further.

More cycling benefits everyone

Using your bike to replace short car journeys doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits everyone around you as well. Cycling is good for the economy, public health and the environment.  Research commissioned by Cycling UK found that if cycle use increased from less than 2% of all journeys (current levels) to 10% by 2025, and 25% by 2050 (as recommended by the Parliamentary Cycling Group’s ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report), the cumulative benefits would be worth £248bn between 2015 and 2050 for England – yielding annual benefits in 2050 worth £42bn in today’s money.

This calculation even considers the fact that long-term benefits are worth less than those achieved in the shorter term. These economic benefits are generated chiefly through a physically fitter population, but also in terms of reduced congestion and absenteeism, improved air quality and other areas.

Get involved!

Bike Week runs from 6-12 June, head to the Bike Week site for more information. Let us know on our social media channels what you have planned, we’ll be sharing our rides too!

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