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A cyclist cycling into a broken heart

Why your bike makes the perfect Valentine’s date

Valentine’s Day, if we’re being really honest, is rubbish. Find someone who says they like the Holiday of Love and they’re almost certainly lying – if you’re single then it is a twenty-four hour reminder of your loneliness – if you’re in a relationship, then the added pressure to show your love to your partner can be more stress than it’s worth.

In fact, we believe the only way you can truly escape from the madness is by getting on your bike. Here’s why:

You save yourself a bucket load of cash

It’s no secret that flower shops and restaurants hike up their prices for Valentine’s Day – meaning you can be left with only tumbleweeds in your bank account come the 15th.

By heading out on your bike, you’ll have no such problem. The joy of cycling is that it is absolutely free. Heck, you could even spend the leftover money on a treat or two for yourself (…or your bike).

It’s much healthier

Valentine’s Day is full of indulgences – whether tucking into heart-shaped novelty chocolates or splashing out on a rich, romantic meal, the Roman festival puts as much of a strain on your waistline as it does on your wallet.

A bike ride has the opposite effect. A good workout will keep you in shape and get the feel-good endorphins flowing. If you keep it up throughout the year, you may even be able to bag yourself a Valentine’s date for 2017!

No horrid, busy restaurants

If there is a Hell, then it’s got to be a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing worse than being crammed into an uncomfortably hot room, forced to listen to cheesy love songs and eating a re-heated set dinner while couples play tonsil tennis on either side of you.

What we’d prefer is the fresh air of the open road, surrounded by good old British hedgerows and the sounds of nature – and the best way to get that? On the bike, of course!

Get rid of the negative feelings

Apparently 1 in 10 adults feel lonely, insecure, depressed, or unwanted on Valentine’s Day, and 40{9b4a2c8832b2482ca7eb937f6bfa363e1f3f7cb05e1b42927da41c9eadde8c32} of our population generally associate the holiday with negative emotions.

Cycling and fresh air are both known to be massively beneficial for mental health, especially against chronic problems such as anxiety and depression. If you’re feeling down on V-Day, then a bike ride will hopefully help you to lift your mood right back up again.

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