Why your commute is something to treasure?

Why your commute is something to treasure?

Heading out of the door in the cold, damp and dark can really wear you down but there are many advantages to commuting by bike, even in winter. Let us remind you of these benefits to keep you pedalling, spring is on its way!


Hassle free way to exercise

In January thousands of people will join a gym in a bid to get fit but most won’t last past February because of the time and effort it takes. When you cycle to work your exercise is rolled into your daily routine in a seamless fashion. Cycling is often comparable to other means of transport in terms of time taken so exercise takes no extra time out of your day, as you have to get to work anyway. Once you are home at the end of the day, you can store your bike and put your feet up knowing you have already done your daily exercise.


Save money

Over the course of a year cycling to work can save a significant amount of money when compared with public transport, fuel and parking charges. You can also save money by buying your bike on the Cycle to Work scheme, which allows employees to buy bikes and equipment, tax-free, making a claimed saving of up to 42 percent on the overall value. Ask your employer today if they are registered!


Save time

Depending on how far you are from work, cycling all or part of your journey is unlikely to take significantly longer than your other transport options. In congested cities commutes of under 5 miles are often quicker by bike. By bike you lose no time waiting for your connection or parking your car. It is a simple door-to-door transaction.

Your commute by bike is less influenced by traffic jams, broken down trains, bad weather or school holidays so there is no need to leave early ‘just in case’ or be sat tapping your steering wheel in back-to-back traffic.


Freedom and flexibility

With your bike you are in control, no rushing for the train or cursing when you miss a connection by a few seconds. Your bike is always ready for you when you want to leave. If you decide to go for a drink with colleagues after work, you don’t need to look up a timetable or leave early to avoid the traffic.